Do plumbers play a role in helping us with our water issues?

Recently, a discussion began with wondering who can help us with our water issues. There are lots of different water issues happening throughout the world. It was a very revealing question to ask, who are the ones that are most connected to water? We came up with several individuals. People who work at dams like the Core of Engineers in the United States. People who watch over national parks and rivers. The other individuals who help most with water are local plumbers. They seem to be connected more than anyone to the water issues that most people face.

Plumbers help with broken or leaky pipes. They help with cracked septic systems. They help with the flooding of people’s homes with water. We have found that they are central to helping with the needs of water issues throughout the world.

How are plumbers helping? We have found certain plumbers who have wanted to find a way to make their job a more sustainable way of helping the earth with all of the prevalent water issues.

We have found a plumber in Peoria IL who is working with the city and local residents to find ways to better use the local river to help with water irrigation and plumbing issues. The city has responded well to the solutions provided by this company and they are starting to see the results helpfully effecting the community.

There have also been strides by some plumbing companies to be more eco-friendly with the supplies and the process by which they better help the earth. Some of the products used have been focused on helping homes be safer and to keep leaks from septic systems from going into the earth. One such plumber is going as far as to use only green eco friendly environmental supplies. The owner has stated, ‘we feel that even doing the small things right will help the environment and our clients.’

The 42nd Congress for hydrogeologists and plumbers is beginning to think through how to better train plumbers in the coming years to be better prepared to be more eco friendly. Our upcoming conference will be discussing some of these issues. We will have some of these plumbers mentioned above sharing on how they have been involved in making positive changes in their community. We feel that if we continue to make these strides then over time we will make a maximum impact on mother earth.

Studying Water Related Disasters

Just recently the IHP posted this on their website:
“Water-related hazards or hydro-hazards are the results of complex interactions in the ocean atmosphere-land process cascade. Floods and droughts are expected to increase due to global warming. Increased hydro-hazard impacts and costs are attributable to such factors as increased event frequency and magnitude, unplanned urbanization, degradation of ecosystem services, vulnerable livelihoods, and inaccurate public perception of risk. The challenge is to identify
appropriate and timely adaptation measures in a continuously changing environment.”
We believe this to be a huge issue that will need to be addressed in the coming years. We would like to spend time discussing these issues and have some seminars on these water related disasters. For more information check out our YouTube channel.

IAH 2015

The Italian National Chapter of the IAH, on behalf of the entire Italian hydrogeological community, is proud to host the 42nd IAH International Congress, AQUA2015, in Rome.

The Latin word ‘AQUA’ (water) dates back to ancient Imperial Rome, when as long as 2000 years ago 1 million inhabitants thrived on groundwater discharging from the surrounding springs. Learning from the past, the themes of the Congress will address the main issues facing hydrogeology in this millennium, including new perspectives related to groundwater and food.

21st century requirements, such as the adoption of new tools and the increasing demand for water from the present global population, will represent the basis of the discussions at the congress.
This spirit can be summarized in the conference theme of “Back to the Future”, conjugating previous experience with future tools and needs.

Within this framework, the IAH Italian Chapter has already requested the support of the IAH Early Career Hydrogeologists’ Network (ECHN) in the organization of the event. The UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP) and the Rome-based United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), principal players in the challenge to ensure water and food availability, will be the main scientific partners of the Congress. In addition, the President of the Italian Republic and the Minister of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea have extended their high patronage to the event.


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